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Mon 04 Oct 2010, 01:39 AM en srs

It's today, I was just waken up by a nurse. I have one hour and a bit more to prepare. That means take a shower and use the surgical soap.

I'm ok, all find. Just slightly nervous. But that's a normal reaction for such a big operation.

I should go now.

Wed 06 Oct 2010, 02:06 AM en srs

I'm alive

Sorry for the delay but I was in no condition to post before. Even now,stuck on my bed, it"s not easy. My operation went well, this Monday morning. When I woke up in the recovery room, I had a mask to help me breathe, with a lot of cream (like gloss) to make it stick better I suppose. Before the op., I was wheeled into the operating theater. My boyfriend stayed with me until I entered the theater. I was almost crying.

When I woke up, I felt fine and I must have kept asking when I will go to my room. I don't remember being wheeled back. Arrived, I felt fine and phoned to Elie, my boyfriend as he wasn't here. It was 2:45 pm He didn't expect that I would wake up so soon. He came a little after. I also phoned my parents using the freephonie SIP account. I was still under the effect of anesthesia, so I had a very small voice.

Pain was ok, I didn't have much (but I was under morphine). This apparently caused me redness so they later switched to something else. With time, i felt less and less pain. Now, it's only pressure under the dressings, nothing more. But they still give me paracetamol I think.

Next morning, the anesthetist came to confirm everything was all right. She indeed switch from morphine and also had to inject me anti-inflammatory because my blood was clotting a bit more than usual, but still in the normal range. She also told me that at first she couldn't insert the breathing tube in my throat because my throat was too thin, so she had to insert a smaller tube, 7.5 inner diameter. That's probably why I have I fairer voice.

Later, Dr Suporn visited me, and quickly said that I could move, it was good for blood circulation. Legs, torso, arms ... And stated again the no sexual taught motto. Then, the day passed quickly with me eating, sleeping eating and sleeping again, probably because of the sleep pills.

I'll leave you here, I have to go down to a more comfortable position.

Sat 09 Oct 2010, 02:21 AM en srs

These past few days were difficult for me ... pain, no pain, painkillers (including injections in the IV. Let me tell you from the beginning. The first days, I had my packing and felt more or less ok. The packing and external bandage was a very useful protection.

(By the way, any sitting position is not so comfortable, I am typing all of this lying on my bed, not so comfortable. Right now, I'm sleepy, I'll continue later)

Sat 09 Oct 2010, 03:29 AM en srs

Continuing ... I'm not so sleepy anymore, but still in bed. Today, they removed my IV and I should be able to walk. Anyway, let's start from the beginning.

After the operation, I was very pale, gray lips and the like. I remember the oxygen mask I had at the time and the cream (like gloss I remember to think) that came with it. Not much else. Back in the hospital room, I called my boyfriend who taught I would still be asleep, he came soon after, greeting me.

I slept with Jib helping me during the night to move in bed, and with everything. She was very considerate (like everyone at the clinic)

Next morning, the anesthetist ... well I already talked about that and I want to say something else while I can write. I start to have pain already.

Days followed, I felt better and better, that's good. Sleep, order menu, eat food I don't want to eat ('cause I don't want to eat anything even if hungry). Cold french fried passed rather well for they taste close to nothing. I like fruits as well. For us vegetarians, the menu is rather limited.

On the last night I slept with the dressings, that is the night of 7-8 Oct, I started to feel pain, but surprisingly on my right ankle on the right side. Brief and sharp. I was told I didn't exercise much but I also heard such descriptions of pain related to nerves regrowing. But I didn't have surgery on my ankle.

I also had a terrible nightmare (I never had in years) where I left my hospital bed, still with bandages, chasing something. And I was trying to get back to bed before the nurses could tell me off. I woke up shivering, and sweating. So much so I asked the nurse to give me painkillers injections (some equivalent to morphine). I has another shot in the morning.

On the 8th Oct morning, it was time to remove the outer dressings/bandages (still leaving the packing inside the vagina). A nurse from the clinic came and removed the main dressing around 7 am, the process was not painful, just uncomfortable. The drain I had that was plugged ti a vacuum pump and took brownish liquid out was also removed, leaving a little hole. There were also stitches directly from my body to the dressing removed. What was left was red compress in the vestibule inside the labia minora (that are actually larger that the labia minora because of swelling).

The morning, I felt intense pain. I never experienced that but I finally could fall asleep until noon, with the pain. The doctor told me that they would give me an injection at 1 pm if I was still in pain, but I felt fine.

But the evening, the pain returned, not as sharp, but very uncomfortable. I asked painkillers tablets, and that was fine. We spent a lot of time with Elie to talk about things, very lovely. When the pains returned, I tried to sleep. By the way, my IV had stopped working, so they removed it during the night. I tried several positions until settling on my tummy because my buttock was in pain like it was deeply bruised. Two hours later, I woke up sweating in much pain. I asked for painkillers and they has to re-insert the IV at 4 am to give me an injection, then I slept on my back as usual.

What a night.

Today, I'm suppose to be able to be able to walk with some help.

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 12:11 AM en srs


It's 5 am in the morning, and I can't sleep and I'm in slight pain. I spent all the afternoon of Monday sleeping 'cause the last days at the hospital weren't so great. I was released from the Hospital at Monday noon.

Sunday, I hoped to have the internal packing inside my vagina removed, It was uncomfortable to have especially considering that my bowels had started to fill up again and the packing took extra space. I also didn't feel much like eating. I was not in a so good mood.

The night before was really painful (from Friday to Saturday). I had some sharp pain that scared my boyfriend to death. I was sleeping gently, then, few moments before a nurse came to give me the pills to take before bedtime, I woke up in intense pain. I cried my lungs out, gasping for my breath, and scared everybody.

First, I took the bedtime pills that contained paracetamol, then the nurse came with the standard painkillers (two pills of paracetamol 500) and finally she came back with a huge (said my boyfriend) syringe of equivalent to morphine. I was then left panting for few minutes before things came back to normal. This is not usual but it can happen, beware.

I then called my parents (think so) to talk things out. Elie was very frustrated not to be able to help me in any possible way, but sometimes you have to deal things by yourself, and knowing your love mate is around is enough. Just like a woman giving birth.

The next day, I didn't eat much, or not at all depending of your point of view, my stomach was not agreeing with all the medicine I had to take (five pills after each meals, even the one I didn't took, and about four or five at bedtime, plus all the painkillers).

The night from Sunday to Monday was difficult al well, I had pain in my bladder, and didn't want to take the paracetamol because on my scrambled stomach. I called my parents at 4 am in the morning (11 pm in France) to understand that I haven't drunk enough water. Of course, my IV had been removed. So there was no way for the body to drain all the toxins from the pills. From 5 am to 6:30 I drunk 1.5 litter and I was released from the pain.

At 6:30 came the torture I was expecting, drink from 1 to 2 litters of water with the catheter (sonde urinaire pour les fran├žais) blocked. So the pee couldn't come out and I could train my bladder to grow, since it had shrunk. This was a very difficult exercise I found very difficult to do given all the water I drunk before. Then, at 8, the catheter was released and the pain removed.

Then, came Dr Suporn, he removed the vaginal packing (10 or 20 meters of gauze bandage roll) and he proceeded to the first dilation. That is having the medium dilator inserted up to 7 inches for 30 minutes (starting when you arrive at full depth). I have to do that twice a day for at least 6 months if not more. After a year, the regime can be eased a little. This was a little bit uncomfortable only, as the dilator is constantly pressing the end of the vagina, but not so hard.

Then I slept.

My passport to be released from the hospital was to pee all right, so I had to drink more and have a nurse confirm that I could pee. It doesn't spray in the right direction still, because of the swelling, but I can pee ok.

All this time, I still felt nausea, and I effectively threw up few minutes before leaving the hospital and just after a nurse gave me an injection of anti-nausea. Ironic. Can't stand medication I tell you. By the way, even if I didn't escape injection of painkillers before removing the packing, I escaped the after-breakfast pills, so that was good. Only the smell of the pills made me nauseous.

Arrived at the Hotel, I was greeted by Valerie who seems to look fine, and I then went to my room to sleep it off. Elie ordered room service, and I ate a portion of a greek salad before a nurse from the clinic came to help me dilate a second time by myself. I also escaped the pills this time. Then I slept again and at wakeup I had a wonderful dream, and my nausea was almost gone. I ate another greek salad without dressing for dinner and this time took my pills (only the necessary, antibiotics and anti-swelling, I left the painkillers off).

I finally took the painkillers this night, the ones that are small.

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 06:45 AM en srs

On the bathroom, you need:

  • Hybiscrub soap
  • Betadine
  • Drinking water
  • Syrnge

On the bedroom, you need at hand disposition (on the bed itself):

  • Dilator
  • Condoms
  • KY Jelly
  • Mirror
  • Timer
  • Bed protection, plastic strap
  • Somthing to relax you during 30 minutes
  • Cotton balls and betadine (dressing kit)
  • Dermazine cream
  • Trash can
  • Basic cleaning material (paper)
  • Glasses
  • Light
  • Blanket if you might be cold (not in Thailand)

Now, here is how to do:

  1. Shower and use hibiscrub soap on the vaginal area
  2. Prepare the bed with the plastic and hygenic bed protection
  3. Put the plastic strap so that you would sit on it
  4. Lie down on the bed, knees down, relaxed
  5. Put a condom on the medium dilator
  6. Put a lot of KY jelly on the dilator and some on the vaginal opening
  7. Insert the dilator slowly, the head directed down (don't go into the urethra)
  8. Push until 7 inches, you should feel pressure. You can keep the dilator in using the plastic strap you sat on
  9. Wait 30 minutes
  10. Remove the dilator slowly
  11. Go wash the vaginal area in the shower, you need a syringe
  12. Use 3 full syringes of drinking water and insert the water in the vaginal opening. Don't try to get the water on the end on the vagina, just wash the opening.
  13. Use a syringe with 5 graduations (0.5 ml) of betadine and use drinking water to fill the rest of the syringe (50 ml). Wash the vaginal opening the same way.
  14. Use hybiscrub soap to gently wash the vaginal area.
  15. Back on the bed, apply betadine on the scar lines with a cotton ball (in the dressing kit)
  16. Apply Dermazine antiseptic cream on the clitoris and inside the labia minora

And you're set, do that twice a day.

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 07:05 AM en srs

Shower as usual with normal soap, don't use hybiscrub soap.

After going to toilet, wash the area with tap water (using the shower head)

Then, go on bed and apply the dermazine antisceptic cream on the clitoris and inside the labia minoras, then you're set. You can put underwear with protection.

Wed 13 Oct 2010, 06:42 AM en srs

Yesterday, everything went fine. I just finished dilation that took and hour and a half, taking my time. Elie went to a trip to Pattaya organized by the clinic, and I have all the day to myself.

During dilation, I listened to Karunesh, relaxing music, and read a little but of the Hannah Montanna like story: Sarah Carrera

It was ok, I reached 7" without mich difficulty, but I had to take care to have everything reachable, including the mirror since I was alone. Just a nurse from the clinic came at the beginning to check things up and left me alone. Daily visit.

With the mirror, you can't place it to near since you need place for the dilator, beware.

I'm fine and in a good mood, I can start my day now.

Wed 13 Oct 2010, 10:02 AM en srs

The equivalent of morphine was dynastat 40mg (I don't know why 40mg since it is supposed to be injections, but perhaps if was 40mg in the syringe)

Now, I take after each meals:

  • antibiotics: I have 20 pills of Ciprofloxacin 500mg
  • swelling reducer: I have 30 pills of dangen 5mg (if I can read well)

And Dr Suporn advised me to take medication to help bowel movements: Prolax at bed time. He told me that if I noticed bleeding, I should stop. I also just noticed that the instructions is to take two pills a day, and I took only one. I think I will stick to one pill as I don't have major problems.

I also use hybiscrub soap, which is antiseptic surgical soap. I was advised not to use it too much as it might not be good for the skin. So only before and after dilation.

I apply antiseptic cream inside the labia minora: Dermazin which says it is 1% Micronized Silver Sulfadiazine. It is also indicated for treatments of burns. I apply this every time I wash the vaginal area (usually with tap water, I was instructed not to try to clean too much).

Wed 13 Oct 2010, 10:18 AM en srs

I ordered fish and chips without fish ... A nice way to order french fries and salad. Because everyone is in Pattaya, I could discuss with other people, from UK actually and Australia. Everyone is very nice and it's good to know I will have people to talk to until the end.

Dr Suporn stopped surgeries for some time to take vacations, well deserved. So he can spend time with his family. And as time passes, there is less and less people around. This also means the clinic staff has more time and appointments would often be earlier. That's why Aey came just when I started dilating this morning. I left the door open for her (and wrote a note).