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How to Dilate

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 06:45 AM en srs

On the bathroom, you need:

On the bedroom, you need at hand disposition (on the bed itself):

Now, here is how to do:

  1. Shower and use hibiscrub soap on the vaginal area
  2. Prepare the bed with the plastic and hygenic bed protection
  3. Put the plastic strap so that you would sit on it
  4. Lie down on the bed, knees down, relaxed
  5. Put a condom on the medium dilator
  6. Put a lot of KY jelly on the dilator and some on the vaginal opening
  7. Insert the dilator slowly, the head directed down (don't go into the urethra)
  8. Push until 7 inches, you should feel pressure. You can keep the dilator in using the plastic strap you sat on
  9. Wait 30 minutes
  10. Remove the dilator slowly
  11. Go wash the vaginal area in the shower, you need a syringe
  12. Use 3 full syringes of drinking water and insert the water in the vaginal opening. Don't try to get the water on the end on the vagina, just wash the opening.
  13. Use a syringe with 5 graduations (0.5 ml) of betadine and use drinking water to fill the rest of the syringe (50 ml). Wash the vaginal opening the same way.
  14. Use hybiscrub soap to gently wash the vaginal area.
  15. Back on the bed, apply betadine on the scar lines with a cotton ball (in the dressing kit)
  16. Apply Dermazine antiseptic cream on the clitoris and inside the labia minora

And you're set, do that twice a day.