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The Medecine I Take

Wed 13 Oct 2010, 10:02 AM en srs

The equivalent of morphine was dynastat 40mg (I don't know why 40mg since it is supposed to be injections, but perhaps if was 40mg in the syringe)

Now, I take after each meals:

And Dr Suporn advised me to take medication to help bowel movements: Prolax at bed time. He told me that if I noticed bleeding, I should stop. I also just noticed that the instructions is to take two pills a day, and I took only one. I think I will stick to one pill as I don't have major problems.

I also use hybiscrub soap, which is antiseptic surgical soap. I was advised not to use it too much as it might not be good for the skin. So only before and after dilation.

I apply antiseptic cream inside the labia minora: Dermazin which says it is 1% Micronized Silver Sulfadiazine. It is also indicated for treatments of burns. I apply this every time I wash the vaginal area (usually with tap water, I was instructed not to try to clean too much).