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Wed 13 Oct 2010, 06:42 AM en srs

Yesterday, everything went fine. I just finished dilation that took and hour and a half, taking my time. Elie went to a trip to Pattaya organized by the clinic, and I have all the day to myself.

During dilation, I listened to Karunesh, relaxing music, and read a little but of the Hannah Montanna like story: Sarah Carrera

It was ok, I reached 7" without mich difficulty, but I had to take care to have everything reachable, including the mirror since I was alone. Just a nurse from the clinic came at the beginning to check things up and left me alone. Daily visit.

With the mirror, you can't place it to near since you need place for the dilator, beware.

I'm fine and in a good mood, I can start my day now.