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Everything is Back to Normal

Thu 14 Oct 2010, 01:59 PM en srs

So, I'm fine, well, in a good mood. The days follows and are similar. Dilation is ok even though I must go in a deep relaxation state. I think I shouldn't try to sleep these moments and instead try to meditate as much as possible (stay in the presence)

My farther told me that it might be easier to find the nature of mind as I have accomplished quite a lot of what I wanted and I enter a peaceful state of accomplishment.

Good news as well, I'm lactating. I'm not joking but it happened. My boyfriend sucked on my right breast and he felt a salty taste, and rightly, some mild escape from my breasts after some stimulation. I couldn't possibly feed a baby yet, but that's a start. It might be the lack of hormones (stopped one week before the trip) or the medication. But Elie said he felt that taste even before.

Anyway, that's fun to play with. I'll show you some photos.