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Fri 22 Oct 2010, 10:04 AM en srs

This morning I had a revision to remove necrosed skin, white skin that was dead tissue and the black necrosed skin. The goal was not to remove the white skin that is in the process of healing but it must have been removed because I can't see it anymore.

My labia minora looks smaller now, he says that with time, both labias will get to similar sizes. Anyway.

This morning at 9:30, I went to the clinic, washed the area with hybiscrub soap and put on the robe for the operation. I had Dr Suporn look at the area to see how it had evolved and he noticed that it was healing fine but there was still two necrosed areas that he still wanted to remove. He's not forgetting that I'm leaving Thailand in a week.

He put on some anesthetic cream to numb the skin and an adhesive plastic to hold it in place, then I waited for the revision upstairs. It took place at 11:15 and lasted 15 to 20 minutes (the assistants had already prepared everything when Dr Suporn entered). I had an injection to further numb the area that I didn't feel, and it continued with, I imagine, cutting and threading. I felt the threads, or more exactly, the vibration they made in my body.

And that was it. Cream was applied and I was downstairs to change to my usual clothes and get back to the hotel. I could have been taken using the van but I felt I could go walking, so I did.

I don't recognize myself anymore, the area where there was necrosed skin had completely disappeared. Apart from that I feel ok except that I was't hungry at noon so I didn't eat. Now I'm a bit hungry.

Moral is good. I have to dilate once more tonight (not before) and I might try the largest dilator Sunday or Monday. 15 minutes for the medium dilator since full depth, then try the largest for another 15 minutes.