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Freedombox Connectivity

Wed 23 Mar 2011, 09:21 AM comp en freedombox

Suppose we want to have an E-Mail server on the freedombox. We need connectivity for SMTP, the ability to accept inbound connections. Which is impossible behind a NAT.

For E-Mails we also need a MX record in the DNS ... This is a problem if the network is completely hostile. In which case, the only solution is to have a somewhat P2P DNS database shared on freedombox. Access would then not be possible from the Internet.

Now, more likely, we are only going to have access to a dynamix DNS, which is fine. The DNS would store records A, AAAA and MX. Perhaps some others. Still, we need not to rely on them too much and have the ability to communicate from freedombox to another even if there is no DNS for us.

So ... it comes down to the firewall and NAT restrictions.

I suppose we could:

So now, we have at least IPv6 available ... and we can at least communicate with the v6 Internet.