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Lysaac annotations

Fri 29 Apr 2011, 09:40 AM comp dev en lisaac lysaac

Because I'm using an open world assumption, I need the compiler to generate annotations on units it compiles, so when it sees them again, it knows what it does (or does not) internally.

I was looking at a LLVM video this morning (VMKit precisely) and the person talked about an interesting optimization. What if we could allocate objects in stack instead of the heap. This would save time when creating the object. Then we wouldn't be tempted to avoid creating new objects for fear of memory leaks (there is not garbage collector in lisaac currently) and performance penalty.

This is the same thing as aliased variables in Ada.

An object can be allocated on the stack if:

So, when the compiler compiles a cluster, it has to generate an annotation file containing for each argument in each code slot whether the argument is guaranteed to remain on the stack or if it might be stored on the heap. If an argument is guaranteed to stay on the stack, we can allocate it on the stack. When the function will return, the only instances would be located in the current stack frame.