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HMP: HTTP Message Protocol (0.1)

Mon 09 May 2011, 02:40 PM comp dev en


What is a hmp address




Translation to HTTPS resources

A HMP address can directly be translated to an HTTPS resource. The standard scheme translates to:


Message sending overview

To send a message from to, the sequence is:

Headers to the POST request

The POST request is the request used to post a message. It contains two specific headers:

Particular status codes:

From address authentication, pingpack

In order to avoid SPAM, the sender must be authenticated when the message is sent. For this reason, before accepting or rejecting the request, the server must initiate a pingback procedure to the sender.

First, the From address is converted to an HTTPS resource and a GET connection is initiated. The specific request-headers are:

MD5 Method

In case the message is recognized, the from server responds with the following header:

The status code can be:

If the MD5 sum corresponds to the message received and a success code was given, the from is verified and the message can be sent.