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Migration to Webgen

Tue 28 Feb 2012, 11:07 AM by Mildred Ki'Lya comp en web

I just moved the site to webgen. For the occasion, forked the project on github and improved a lot of things. As webgen doesn't seem to be alive, I think I'll be the one maintaining it in the future.

I took the occasion to move my website over to my own web server, hosted at home. If I ever find it unsuitable, I can very easily host my website elsewhere as it is just a bunch of static pages.

More to come ...

Webgen allows me to split a post in two, an excerpt and a content. Perhaps the name excerpt is ill chosen as currently it seems more like a teaser. Anyway.

I already improved or added the following features in webgen:

Next, I'll want to:

All of this is released open source.