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Welcome to my website

Hi, My name is Shanti Bouchez-Mongardé and I am also known as Mildred Ki'Lya. Here is my homepage, this is the place you can find information about me and especially about what I'm doing and want to share.

About Me

Spoken Languages:
French (native), English (I love it as you can see)
Born the 20th, May, 1987
25 years old in 2012
Favourite Books
The Host by Stephanie Meyer
Many stories over the Internet (BigCloset TopShelf)
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
Dune by Frank Herbert
Firestarter by Stephen King
Blade Runner (NOT the film) by Philip K. Dick
Favourite Music
Chorals, Hindi Film Songs, Era, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Vanessa Carlton, Mandy Moore, ...
Favourite Movies
Twilight, Firestarter, A Walk to Remember, The Secret, ...
Interests & Hobbies
Reading, Spirituality (generally Buddhism), Computer Science & Open Source, Lisaac

Contact Information

Telephone Number
Cell Phone: (+33) (0)6 01 82 63 39
Lang Line: (+33) (0)9 54 07 56 29

Note: I manage my own mail server at the server might not be up all time, although I think I fixed the problem. When the server is down, mails can be delayed, and in extreme case, rejected after a few days.

The following graph is the server availability over the past week. If you notice the graph dropping to zero, it means the server was not available and your mail was probably delayed (if you sent it to me around that time):

If this website is not available, it means the server is currently down.

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Use GoogleTalk or something else (in French)
MSN Messenger: (I'm not online most of the time, please prefer GTalk/Jabber)

Links Elsewhere

Crystal Friend
You can go there:
  • Youtube I have some videos here
  • Don't look for me on Facebook, I'm out of it.
  • LinuxFR I often post computer related stuff here
  • Computer related stuff: Gitorious Github
  • BigCloset Topshelf I write stories there (The website says you must be 18 or older, while I suppose some stories might be slightly inappropriate for children, the majority is ok for everyone. Just look at the tags to see if the content is appropriate for you.)
Old Websites: