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My birth name is Shanti Bouchez-Mongardé, but I also took the name of Mildred Ki'Lya. This is my homepage and you'll be able to find information about me. You'll also find skills I can trade with something of your own. Please note that I am a sovereign person, as is (or should) be everyone of this world. I encourage you to take this position too.

What I could help you with

I have a wide range of skills that I could help you with. What I can help you with the most is on computers, especially the unix kind, even more so when they are running free softwares. Among other things, I could:

I'm working as a programmer since 2010 and before that I studies these skills in school. I also continued some personal projects during that time. I would be mist happy to discuss the exact skills I have with you if you need something specific.

I'm also interested in empowering the individuals so everyone can be sovereign. If you would like my help for this, I'd be most grateful to accept.

What you could help me with

I also need a few things, and I would be most happy to have them from you in exchange of something valuable:

Other things we could share

I'm always interested in learning new things, and I value exchanges of this sort. There are things I am interested with and I would appreciate sharing on these topics with you :

About me

I am a French native born in 1987, and I learned English rapidly. I needed it for two things : computers and reading books in English... the two thing I like the most doing.

What I like about reading is that you get to know a completely new world. What I read the most are stories that comes from the immagination of an author. I spent much time reading the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and before that Dune by Frank Herbert. There are unfortunately too many books I like to talk about them all. Among them, there is also The Host by Stephanie Meyer (that I consider special) and of course her other books in the Twilight series. There is also the work of Brandon Sanderson that took the legacy of Robert Jordan. I value his own books, namely Mistborn, Elantris and Warbreaker. There are a few odd stories here and there : Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick, Firestarter by Stephan King, and probably some others that I forgot. There are also many stories that I spent time reading that are only available on the Internet, especially on BCTS. I so much love reading that I started to write a few things, but never got far enough.

Here is a list of books I like and their summary

Now, on computers, I spent much of my early time working on the Lisaac project. That's a programming language I fould so interesting that I started tinkering with the compiler (which is self hosted by the way). There is a number of interesting things about bootstrapping by the way. This just shows how interested I am by programming languages. Before that I tried a few implementations for my own languages I invented. Now I am convinced that a good programming language should be compiled, with a self hosted compiler. It should be able to perform on bare metal. System calls should be optional and available as a library, and the runtime should come with no dependencies. of course, it should be interoperable. Is that WebAssembly?

Contact Information

You can talk with me in French or English. I am available on the phone at (+33) (0)6 01 82 63 39. My e-mail is at the end of the page. Please note that is is self hosted and there may be downtimes. Over the past few years, I managed to keep them to a minimum, but know that if the e-mail doesn't arrive, you may want to retry.

On IRC, I'm available generally as mildred. I don't use Jabber/XMPP anymore (because it requires a server, and moving your identity from server to server is painful).

Unfortunately, I'm also registred on a number of websites. You can find me over LinuxFR GitHub, GitLab, Gitorious, YouTube and BigCloset Topshelf

Other websites I had:

Server status

I am self hosted, this means that if my server goes down, some services might be taken away (such as this website or e-mails I could receive). Here is a graph of the server status. If you notice the graph dropping to zero, it means the server was not available and your mail was probably delayed (if you sent it to me around that time):

If this website is not available, it means the server is currently down.