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Curriculum Vitæ


Curriculum Vitæ


Freelance (july 2019 - now)

  • september 2020 - now, Codde : Rails application using StimulusJS for front-end and UiBibz for the UI (based on Bootstrap). Entire rework of the application to a new version.

  • september 2020, Lancey : Short mission to help with Terraform and Kubernetes over Digital Ocean.

  • july - august 2019, RunAs: Starting the first features using Elixir and Phoenix. Available on GitHub.

SquareScale (sept 2016 - july 2019)

SquareScale, is a platform as a service that uses the “cloud” to execute Docker containers based services.

  • summer 2017 - spring 2019 : Rework of the complete SquareScale infrastructure. Management of Etcd, Consul and Nomad clusters with Terraform and updates without downtime by machine replacement. Upgrade of SquareScale own services to this new architecture.

  • spring 2016 - summer 2017 : maintenance and improvements on SquareScale. Creation of an automatic QA service to monitor the platform health. Addition of less important features. Fix of numerous bugs on edge cases, in particular on terraform providers that do not always handle well the rate limimting that occurs when there is a high number of API requests. Creation and partial refactoring of a billing service that is collecting AWS usage and perform payments through Stripe.

  • september 2016 - spring 2017 : Creation of SquareScale, Automation of infrastructure creation using Terraform that is started automatically by a small Go service. Automation of the deployment and maintenance of Consul and Etcd clusters with scale up/down. Automatic management of Nomad clients.

    Technologies: Go, Ruby on Rails, React, Terraform, Nomad, Consul, Etcd, CoreOS

Sogilis (july 2010 - september 2016)

Sogilis, computer engineering service company

  • 2015 - 2016 : Mission for Enalean, Addition of features in the Tuleap open source forge. Technologies: PHP.

  • 2015 : Missions for NetCeler, development of a plugin system for their software which handles and analyse public electrical networks software. Frontend and backend web with an interface that manages those plugins. Creation of Java services to execute those plugins Technologies: Microservices, Java, Angular.

  • may 2015 : Mission for Phoxygen, Adapting Firefox OS application for RTL languages.

  • 2014 - 2015 : Missions for FP-Conseil, development of an analysis system that capture network frames to monitor and secure electrical stations. Anomaly detection from suspect frames about events that are not supposed to occur. Technologies: Wireshark/tshark, Suricata, Lua, Qt/C++.

  • 2014 : Mission for Genii, devloppment of a multimedia box prototype for intelligent houses with an Android application. Technologies: Android, Qt/C++, Embedded Linux with busybox.

  • 2014 : Mission for MGI Coutier, installation of a Git server using Puppet.

  • 2013 - 2015 Missions for 3DKreaForm, development of a dental software using C++/Qt with 3D imagery and algorithms using VTK. The core algorithm was able to reconcile a 3D surface (STL format) with a volumic image taken from a scanner (DICOM format) to allow better positioning of dental implants. Technologies: Qt, C++, VTK, CMake, STL, DICOM

  • late 2011 - january 2012 Creation of a Git training: Creation of a Git training on 3 days with practicals. The training was taught multiple times a year until I left Sogilis.

  • september 2011 - spring 2013 : Computer Science practicals animation (outside of Sogilis): Animation of practicals and exercice session in computer science for the Grenoble IUT2. The language used and taucht was Ada. this happened during two consecutive scholar years.

  • été 2011 : Mission for Codde, improvements on the EIME product, Ruby on Rails application for ecological impact analysis. Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Cucumber.

  • spring 2011 : Mission for Thalès, development of a ground test software for civil flight equipment following the DO-178C norm. Technologies: Ada, DO-178C.

  • 2010 - 2014 : Various missions for AdaCore: Various missions to improve their information system in Ada. The missions were mostly part-time.

    • Development of the new generation of the support interface with their customers with a web frontend and an Ada backend.
    • management of their bug-tracker and mailing list system.
    • Wordpress plugins and ExpressionEngine in PHP

Degrees and personal experience

  • 2014: Learning Go, Implication on IPFS and help with drafting their IPLD layer. Creation of various webservers uwing Go and exploiting the semantic web.

  • 2014: Learning Node.JS with P2P systems and creating a kadmelia DHT.

  • 2014: learning of Docker.

  • 2012-2019 Expérience personnelle: management of a personal mail server.

    • Administration of Courrier, Dovecot and then Exim.
    • Automatic deployments using a custom system written in Shell with redo.
    • First use of Linux namespaces with LXC before Docker existed.
  • 2008-2015 personal experience: Work on the Lisaac compiler that outputs C code.

    • Work on code with bootstrap issues.
    • 2010: Created a code coverage tool for that language
    • 2010-2015: Trials to recreate a compiler that would target LLVM instead of C.

Engineering degree (2010)

  • sept 2007 - summer 2010: Engineering degree, ESISAR in Valence (Grenoble INP)

    • 2010: Internship Sogilis, creation of XReq in Ada

    • 2009: Internship CMR: Creation of a configuration software in Qt/C++, multiplatform, with custom widgets, for their maritime monitoring system.

  • sept 2005 - summer 2007: Computer Science DUT degree, at Grenoble IUT2

    • Personal training in C, C++, and Lua (including C bindings)
  • 2008 Personal experience: Improvement on the Xorg trackpad driver to add few functions. In C with mercurial first, then Git (first experience).

  • summer 2007: scientific baccalaureate, with engineering science option

  • Personal training in Linux systemd and networks (DNS bind9, DHCP, mandrake, Debian)


  • Used frequently and good knowledge :

    • Linux, network
    • AWS
    • Terraform
    • Etcd, Consul, Nomad
    • Docker
    • Go
    • Git
    • HTML 4.01, CSS 2.1
  • Known, less frequeltly used :

    • C
    • C++
    • Qt
    • Ada
    • JavaScript

Personal interests

  • gardening and animals
  • reading
  • philosophy, politics and religion
  • computers and network done it right